DDG-S Stock Pellets

Formulated from dried distillers grains & syrups for beef cattle and lambs. Contains 21% crude protein.

Available in 20kg, 1000kg and bulk loads.

Pasture Pellets

Formulated from DDG-S, cereals grains and starches. Designed to deliver lactating cows a quality source of protein, rumen-fermentable carbohydrates, trace minerals and vitamins. Pellet size is 5mm.


Calf Pellets

Formulated from DDG-S, cereal grains and starches. Designed to encourage rumen development in calves. Pellet size is 6mm.

KFC Milling can also work with you to formulate a diet specific to your livestock requirements, health and weight gain. Contact us on 0427715657 to see how we can help.