Commercial Grading Plant:
KFC Milling is a fully integrated commercial grading plant, located at Bungunya in the Western Darling Downs, close to the border of Queensland and New South Wales.
Here we can machine dress all your seed and grain. Why use proper seed grading?  The aim of seed grading is to maintain quality grain from season to season. And remove other crop seeds, damaged & cracked seeds or contaminants such as straw or dirt. As a result you are retaining only the best and highest quality seed and grain. To achieve this, we are able to pre-clean, clip if needed, grade, run through indent screens and finally across our gravity table, before being bagged or transferred directly to storage.
We can offer a variety of bulk and small packaging formats, directly on site.
KFC Milling is proudly 100% Australian owned, made and guaranteed. 



At the beginning of 2015, Kingswood Farming Company (KFC) completed the construction of our operating mill and grading shed. With the vision of being able to clean, grade and bag our own linseed crop, our family designed this purpose built shed on our property "Kingswood", in Bungunya Queensland. We soon realised that we had the means to use our grain to develop our own line of stockfeed. After purchasing a mixer and bagging line, KFC Stockfeed was born!